Xbox Emulator Apk Download For Android Phones (Xbox 360 Emulator)

Are you ready to play some exciting Xbox games on your Android phone? Here is an excellent app that gives you access to play them on your Android phones.  Download Xbox 360 emulator APK on your device and enjoy the super fun gaming experience on your phone. But you cannot play all Xbox games using this app. It allows you to play games with low graphics and cannot play the high graphic game like GTA 5, Battle field 3, etc.

As the technology grows, new inventions are going on. Those inventions gave you this opportunity to play games Only for Xbox using your phones. Gaming is fun, and we are addicted to it nowadays. People find new games every day. After playing a game for long, they will get bored and searches for a new game. New games are releasing every day, and it should be catchy to attract users. Xbox games have got that power with good graphics and features. Also download GTA 3 for Android, if you need to play the Grand Theft Auto Series. 

Xbox Emulator Apk
Xbox Emulator Apk

Download Xbox 360 emulator APK from any external site and get this facility on your Android phone. Every game lovers wish to play Xbox games, and by downloading this emulator, you can play any game with less resolution on your phone. This is a free app. But while downloading make sure to get the latest version and also check the compatibility of your device. Most of the Android versions are compatible. Also download the latest version of freedom apk from to get all in-app purchases for free!

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Xbox Emulator Apk Download For Android 2018 – Xbox 360

Xbox 360 Emulator APK app details

App name

 Xbox 360 Emulator

Latest version


File size


Operating System

 Android 4.1 and above



Last Updated

 23 July 2015

This is an excellent app choice for game lovers. With a faster internet connection, you can download this app within a minute. There are some setting changes that you need to do in order to download this game on your device. One more important thing about this app is that you don’t need to root your device to operate this app.

Xbox 360 emulator APK picks all Xbox games and helps you to play on your Android phones. But it reduces the game resolutions as it is free software. You cannot play games with the same resolution as in the Xbox. As you know Xbox is empowered by Xenos Graphical unit which is powerful to play all AAA titles in1080p resolution. You can see the difference clearly like day and night. So, don’t expect games with that picture perfection in QHD and FHD resolution on your phone. So, if you can compromise with the game resolution, this is a very useful app you can try.

There are some advantages of using this app. Here are the advantages of using Xbox 360 Emulator APK app


Xbox 360 Emulator Apk
Xbox 360 Emulator Apk

    Those who cannot buy Xbox can download this app and enjoy many games that you can find on Xbox only.

    By installing Xbox 360 emulator, you can play many high- end games from the play store. 

    Xbox 360 emulator app is free to download. Get it on your device and download unlimited games.

    Phone root access is not required to use this app on your device

    Just play the games from Xbox on your phone whenever and wherever you want.

Xbox Emulator APK features

  • Get the exact replica of Xbox screen on your Android phone.
  • The application is very light and easy to use.
  • The game resolution depends on the phone type and specification. If you have got a good phone, then you will get games with good resolution.
  • You can play any game without interruption if you have a fast internet connection.

How to download Xbox Emulator APK for your Android device?

This app is easy to download. There are two ways with which you can download the app. This app is developed in China, and most of the information will be in Chinese. So, there will be a small problem while downloading this app. You can overcome it by following simple steps. Here are the methods to download Xbox Emulator APK.

Method 1 – Download & Install Xbox Emulator

1. Go to settings option on your device and open the security tab to enable download from unknown sources.

Enable Unknown Sources
Enable Unknown Sources

2. Download the app and install it on your device. You can download Xbox emulator .Apk by going to this link.

3. After completing the installation of Xbox Emulator APK app open it.

4. It will show an error message that the app only works in China

5. In order to avoid this error, you need to download ‘Fly GPS’ app

6. After downloading this app, you need to enable mock location

7. Here you need to go to developers’ option and click on mock location option

8. From this set Fly GPS as, Mock location

9. Open fly GPS and set your location as China. You can navigate the map to China.

10. After doing this open Xbox 360 Emulator APK app and play Xbox games on it

Method 2 – Install Xbox 360 Emulator Apk

1. After enabling downloads from unknown source download Xbox 360 Emulator APK app and install the app

2. When you open the app, you will see a message in the Chinese language

3. This app only works in China. So, you need to change your location to China to make this app work. For this, you can connect to any Chinese server available from Google. Then your location will be China.

4. Now you can open the app and use it to play Xbox games.

These are two methods using which you can download this app. But, one important thing is that as the app is developed in China sometimes, it will not work directly. But check whether it is working without changing anything additionally by following the normal download proceedings. If it is working then good, otherwise you need to make some additional changes to make it work. But all the steps are easy to follow and will give you a positive result.

Don’t forget to try this Xbox emulator APK before buying a real Xbox. If you can satisfy your game quest with this app then why do you need to waste money on buying real Xbox.  While downloading this app don’t expect high-quality games as your phone GPU cannot drive the horsepower that these games need. So, expect a minimum quality and play world class games. Download & install Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK for Android with unlimited money, weapons, guns and gold download mod apk from here.

Final Verdict,

Before jumping to any conclusions first, you need to try the app. This is a harmless app you can get for free. If you can find a good site to download this app, then download it and install it on your phone. The biggest advantage is that you can keep your privacy by preferring not to root your phone. This is very important people want nowadays to use these types of apps. Also, no need to be afraid of device security. Many people use this Xbox 360 Emulator APK worldwide. It has got 4 stars out of 5 from users.

Enjoy good quality games on your Android phone. No need to spend money unnecessarily when you can play every game that is available on Xbox here. Excluding some high- resolution FPS games rest all other games are available using this Emulator APK. Save your money and take a good array of games with you wherever you go.  Satisfy that gaming quest of you and have fun.